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Pool Table Accessories Make Great Gifts for the Pool Player in Your Life

One great thing about hobbies is that they give you instant gift ideas. When we were first married, my husband was really into wood working, so I always knew that for a birthday or Christmas, I could easily make him happy with a power tool. But last year he developed a new hobby: playing pool. Funny enough, it developed because of his woodworking.

  • 3 Jul 2017

Game Play on Competitive Air Hockey Tables

I remember playing air hockey as a kid, and having a lot of fun, though I do not remember having any specific guidelines that we played by, we just went at it in fierce (but fun) competition. Air hockey tables had been around for less than eight years when air hockey became a competitive sport.

  • 26 Jul 2017
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3 Aug 2017
Posted By Clinton W.

Someone Forgot to Put Holes in my Pool Table!

Now, I have to admit my ignorance, but I had no idea that you could get a pool table without the pockets. The game of pool (or billiards) is just one of many games in what is know as cue sports. One subcategory of cue sports are carom billiards, also know as carambole billiards or just carambole. These types of games are played on a 5' x 10' pocketless pool table.
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