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3 Jul 2017

Pool Table Accessories Make Great Gifts for the Pool Player in Your Life


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Posted By Tyson O.

One great thing about hobbies is that they give you instant gift ideas. When we were first married, my husband was really into wood working, so I always knew that for a birthday or Christmas, I could easily make him happy with a power tool. But last year he developed a new hobby: playing pool. Funny enough, it developed because of his woodworking. He came across and old pool table where the playing surface was in good condition, but the wood needed a lot of help. He refinished the top and built new legs (the old ones had been used as a chew toy for a very big dog!), and with a beautiful new finish it now looks great in our family room. But you also need pool table accessories to play pool, unless of course, you plan to just use if for your model train set like Hector in Monarch of the Glen!

Some pool tables already come with some basic items (like balls), others you order everything separately so that you can fully customize your experience. There are a few pool table accessories that are an absolute must, some which you need but can get by without when in a pinch, and others that are just extras.

Some of the accessories that you must have include billiard balls and cues (though if desperate, you can play around by rolling the ball with your hand). Pool balls obviously come in a wide range of prices that reflects a range of quality and materials from which the balls are made. Besides the standard set, you can get some that are fancier, others for playing in black light (how cool is that?) as well as other types of sets for playing snooker or carom. When it comes to cues, what can I say? They range in price from $20 to hundreds of dollars, so choose accordingly.

Some pool table accessories that you need, but can do without in a pinch would include chalk for your cue (some say this is a must!), a triangle (or diamond) for racking the balls (way easier than carefully placing the balls by hand and one by one), and perhaps a bridge for those more difficult shots (totally optional by many, indispensable by others). All of these come in different varieties, including chalk, which you can get in purple or orange besides just the standard blue. Racks come in plastic or a range of wood types, and bridges also come in a variety of styles and materials.

Other pool table accessories are smart to help protect your investment. These items include table covers to protect from dust and spills, and brushes to clean, and therefore, extend the life of the playing surface. You can get brushes for the bed of the pool table, and others for under the rail. A cue rack or holder is also very good to keep your cues organized and in good condition. These truly come in a large variety of sizes and makes, so you can easily find one that suits your personality and pool room decor.

Then come the fun pool table accessories, things that personalize your pool playing experience and that can make it more fun. These can range from small chalk holders and pool gloves to billiard ball cases for storing the balls to great billiard lights for above your table and clocks and neon signs for your wall.

Of course there is a large variety of pool related clothing, books and helpful DVDs to keep a pool enthusiast covered for years worth of gifts. And when I run out of ideas and my husband has all of the pool table accessories that he could possible need? Well, maybe by then he will have a new hobby.


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